Parallel development of the business

Are you the owner of a retail sales business in the food sector?
(bakery, delicatessen, butcher shop, greengrocers, etc.)?

Would you like to increase your business and earn the loyalty
of your customers and at the same time increase your customer base?


This is not a standard formula but is personalised and based on the characteristics of your sales point and the products that you sell. We offer you our assistance in developing products that are compatible with your business.

PTo differentiate you from your competition so that you can create lines for the products you have prepared and that best correspond to market demand.

By creating a line of gastronomic products, for example, that are either ready to cook or only need heating, or practical take away menus. This does not entail further costs but instead lets you maximise your human resources and raw materials while consolidating customer loyalty over time and expanding your customer base. Through this training course the major strengths of your company are enhanced so that you consolidate your business and consequently reduce costs.
The first step consists of an initial survey by an expert to analyse your structure and your production areas. Once the potential has been assessed in the concrete, the steps to take for product development or the products to earmark are identified in the light of the type of structure you have and your target clientele. Thus one or more custom designed production lines can be included in the practical operational course.

In order to consolidate this planning we create a user-friendly format for you that will enable your staff to reproduce the products with ease. In the case of employee personnel, we also provide them not with theory but with practical hands-on training.


RECIPIENTS: retailers in the food industry

OBJECTIVES: a practical course designed for those who wish to sell ready-made or ready to cook products by the creation of a line of gastronomic dishes that enhance the potential of your business and satisfy your customers' demands.

DURATION OF COURSE: since the course is customised, it will involve one or more lessons depending on the needs of the business and a personalised programme with estimate will be provided.