Start-ups and consolidations

What added valur do we bring to you?
Operational consultation is a new frontier in the development of catering because it brings together under one professional the integrated functions of problem solving, training and coaching. It therefore means that problems can be solved as they arise and the process of change over the long term can be implemented with no interruption in work and interference in the company’s productivity.

Investing in consulting provides the catering entrepreneur with access to a high profile professional whose all-round vision will result in the optimisation of management costs and the gaining of new business opportunities. The consultant works with the owner to focus on the objectives, develop strategic planning and optimise the daily organisation of the restaurant, eliminating waste and operational inefficiencies so that food costs are brought under effective control and in line with programmed costs characteristic of the type of catering involved.

Why contact us for the start up of your catering business?
Start-up consulting will help you to assess in advance the feasibility and actual impact of the launch of a new restaurant and will contribute to the definition of the identity and brand of the location, the potential target and client portfolio, the size of the company, its management organisation, the procurement chain for raw materials, the positioning in terms of quality levels, prices and the short, medium and long term development plan.

In the delicate phase of opening a new restaurant, operational consulting will ensure that you approach the crucial debut date with assurance and confidence accompanied along every step of the way by a reliable expert who can deal with criticalities and contingencies during the take-off phase of the new business.