Staff training

Why invest in personnel training?
We assist the restaurateur in the selection of dining room and kitchen staff by conducting the search for qualified candidates on his or her behalf. After successful conclusion of the selection process a training period for human resources follows for the purpose of supplying the professional skills, both individual and teamwork, that meet the desired quality standards since professional training is a tool fundamental to the raising of quality levels in the services offered to the end user.

What objective do we pursue on behalf of the restaurateur?
The objective is to create a motivated working team that is engaged and can carry out its duties setting and maintaining a high standard of professionalism which has an immediate impact on the competitiveness of the restaurant and consequently on its image as well.

How is the training carried out?
The training programme supplies the tools and procedures, the knowledge of work methods and production processes that ensure the competent use of equipment and thus the introduction of new ideas and concrete solutions in tune with the context of the business. Training is not theoretical but takes the form of practical, concrete and operational hands-on learning for problem-solving and for the acquisition of new knowledge and the abilities needed to keep up-to-date and able to contribute to the competitiveness of the restaurant. The personnel will benefit by acquiring the experience, skills and abilities that minimise the margin for error during the production process and translate into considerable savings for the restaurateur. Our mission is also to sensitise the human resources to the need to rationalise and control costs.