Mauro's Philosophy

Passion and inspiration in the never-ending search for improvement, an innate desire to surprise with tastes.
A chef of international breadth who knows how to communicate the pride of italian high cuisine to the world.
A pupil of famous masters of gastronomic philosophy. Mauro has over the course of his experience created his own style of cuisine which is the result of his re-interpretation of traditional dishes enhanced by a touch of modernity in developing a new ecletic sensitivity for an italian cuisine responsive to the evolution of contemporary tastes.

Mauro sees his cuisine as the fruit of the slow ripening of ideas, the decanting over time of culinary philosophy, meditations that come to life in the composition of surprising dishes.

To create new combinations, to discover new flavours, to bring out the best in raw materials from the simplest to the most sophisticated, giving a new flourish to his creations each time, because the art of true cuisine is dynamic and not set in the stone of formulas and recipes that leave no room for improvement. Cooking is a joy for those who sample it but it also provides the occasion for communication and cultural expression through the universal language of tastes.

Mauro believes in a cuisine which embraces the search for authentic emotions while respecting authentic Italian flavours. As he maintains a constant dialogue with the evolution of gastronomic pleasures and shares the passion for the future of quality Mediterranean cuisine increasingly sought-after by the international world of lovers of the civilisation of good taste, Mauro welcomes new professional challenges with enthusiasm in the pursuit of new and important gastronomic goals.

Photos by Stefano Borghesi