Mauro Civiero & Partners

Mauro Civiero & Partners addresses business operators in the catering field offering global consultation services and assistance – operational development, launching, restyling, upgrading and repositioning of gastronomic products, the business, image and communications.

We contribute to the success of the catering business by providing our added value – a team of experts, each one with his or her own distinctive skills, who will act as interface support for customers in order to satisfy specific needs through personalised services and solutions.

We assist businesses in the world of catering with a service which is unique in this sector, covering cuisine, hospitality, communications, planning and training.

We assist in the organisation of premises and human resources to create a motivated and highly skilled team, helping you to select the right people to work in the catering trade and we promote and enhance typical and traditional products of quality that represent Italian excellence at the table.

We also address sales points and help owners develop methods of quality to enhance their product lines and acquire new market outlets and to show to advantage the artisanal nature of their production.

Investing in consultation works to your advantage since it is totally tax deductible